Monday, November 17, 2008


Empowered Network Introduction

Our Mission "To Serve Women in Business by inspiring, Interacting, and Collaboration with one another to achieve career growth and our full potential."

Welcome to Empowered Network!
Where women business owners come together and are "Inspiring to Achieve."
Are you a good candidate for membership of Empowered Network?

We, Empowered Network, support, train, motivate, and teach each other about ourselves and what we have to offer as business women. This group provides a service to women who own & operate their own business. This is a "relationship" building group - Because People do business with People!

Who is your target market? What is your specialty? What accomplishments have you received? What makes you the best at what you do? Why do you do something better than someone else?

Once a member, Empowered Network becomes your marketing TEAM! We will ALL work on learning more about each other, how we can help each other grow our businesses, and always ask, "How can we help you?"

Empowered Network organizes regular meetings twice monthly for each different area of town (Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples). These meetings will help you form many different relationships that will help the growth of your business and marketing opportunities.

The network has workshops (offered by S.E.E.D.S.) quarterly luncheons, business card exchanges, and tradeshows that are planned in addition to our regular meeting schedule, that may also give you additional networking and marketing opportunties.

Its your job to Empower the women around you, to be stronger and more comfortable in the business world. What are you waiting for? Lock out your competition, be known as part of the best marketing team in town. Its a great investment into your business!