Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's on Your Plate?

Today there is no shortage of things to be stressed about – the economy, your job, your kids and their activities, finances, relationships at home and at work, and the list goes on and on. To compound stress Thanksgiving and holiday season are just a few short weeks away. Although these holidays are supposed to be joyous occasions they often only add to the list of to do’s and shoulds. In fact thinking about your typical Thanksgiving meal is a good story picture of how stress works in your life. You have your plate and this abundant buffet of lots of great food. The food is so appealing you fill the plate to overflowing. You eat and eat until the next thing you know you are stuffed, miserable and on the couch unable to move. Now you may have just gotten a pretty funny image of Uncle Harry, but it’s true and Life is just like that Thanksgiving meal.

You have your plate for life, there are so many good things to do - you start piling on the stuff. Seems like all good stuff, stuff you feel you should do (like you should try Aunty Betty’s Coconut pie) but at the end of the day the result is the same. You’re exhausted on the couch, miserable and lack energy to do even one more thing. Lucky for each of us Thanksgiving only comes once a year but when it comes to Life we get a new plate each and every day that can be filled to overflowing. But reducing Stress and not overeating this Thanksgiving both are solved with the same first step.

The first step to positive changes in your life is Vision. When you are clear about the life you want then you can take bold steps in the direction of your goals and dream. A clear vision motivates you to identify what’s good on your plate and also what would better serve your values, dreams and goals to be removed from your plate. A clear vision empowers you to say no to the seemingly good stuff and Yes to the life you want. Go ahead – take that first step. The life you want is waiting for you.


Empowered "Women's" Network said...

Are there more tips aside of Vision that you are going to offer on What's on Your Plate? I look forward to a series. Great post Karen!

Karen said...

Yes - stay tuned and will give you more on creating the vision and what the next steps are.

FeliceGerwitz said...

Wow, what wisdom. I often feel like the overstuffed people at Thanksgiving. What a great mental picture and one I will recall as I make future business decisions.