Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blogging: Time Saving Devices

Part 2
Blogging: Time Savers

We've already established that time is a commodity many of us do not have in abundance. Therefore, making the most out of our time is essential.

Here are some other quick and easy-to-use time saving tips when blogging.

1. Have a theme for your blog
2. Ideas
3. Plan a series
4. Use blog features
5. Scour news stories
6. Be user friendly
7. Get rid of nasty code

1. A Theme:

Having a theme for your blog will greatly cut down in the frustration of wondering what to post next. This will give you a place to begin. Use a notepad (or word document on your computer) and list some ideas for your blog. Pick the one idea that is the most encompassing of your general overall customer reach or client base.

2. Ideas

I have too many ideas and too little time. Therefore a handy device that I use is Mind Mapper software. You can search online for free versions, in fact Wikipedia has several download links for free software. This has been a life saver for me in terms of organizing ideas for upcoming book projects. This can even be used for work flow, or to-do lists. I own software that has been purchased (MindMapper 5.0) and it has paid for itself many times over. When writers block strikes you can look at your idea list and pull some fresh ones out. Make sure you add some when you take some away.

3. Plan a series

One idea can lead to another and another. If you think about your blog post as one long series that will help you keep with the topic flow and expand upon another thought. I personally know authors who have taken their blog posts and turned them into free e-books or obtained book contracts because of the number of blog followers. Why would your readers come back daily to check on your posts? Is it because you have enticed them with a "what's coming" at the end of the post? Use these devices and watch your numbers soar. (You will spend less time in advertising your blog as well.)

4. Use your blog features

You can write blog posts many days ahead of time and schedule when they will become "live." This is a time saving feature. Write when you have the time.

5. News Stories

Does your blog contain up to the minute news? If not, you may consider inserting some trends from time to time. This helps your readership, does not take long to find (make sure you subscribe to information sites that provide good sources), and will liven up an otherwise  same-ole post.

6. Be user friendly

Are there applications on your blog that will allow readers to tweet or facebook a post of interest? Does your blog speak down to people or is it easily understood. If you use a word the reader may not understand do you link to the site with the information readily available. Don't make your reader work. Let your blog be a place to find information quickly and easily.

7. Nasty Code

If you use a word processor to write  your blog (and you should), many times there is html code that is embedded in the document. If you control-copy-and-paste from the word document into your blog post screen, you will bring all that code along and mess up your blog post. Use this simple life saving technique. Copy your word document (Highlight your document (Ctrl key and A), then hold the Ctrl key, and hit the "C" for copy)...then open notepad... and paste (Ctrl key and the letter V). Then copy the entire document from notepad and paste it into your blog. It will look identical to your word document all without the annoying code.

Review shortcuts to copy and paste:
Highlight All: Ctrl + A
Copy All: Ctrl + C
Paste All: Ctrl + V

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