Monday, November 16, 2009

The Inner Game - Play to Win

When you think about playing a game what is one of the first questions you ask?

Chances are whether it's football, tennis, golf, bridge or monopoly the main interest is what does it take to win? Even in the most recreational board games or the family football game at Thanksgiving - we generally play to win! Whether it's bragging rights until the next family gathering or big dollars at stake. We understand the primary goal of being in the game is to win.

But when it comes to the game of life are you playing to win? If there were one strategy that would catapult your efforts to the finish line would you clear your calendar to learn it? Would you spend time each week training and fine tuning the strategy? It's easy to say YES! But the truth is many already know that one strategy and yet do nothing.

Every win, every success in your personal life, every success in your business, your relationships, your health all begin with the power of a thought. Zig Ziglar puts it this way "Others can stop you temporarily. Only you can stop yourself permanently." In Proverbs it's said like this "As a man thinketh, so is he." The game of Life is won when you win the inner game of the mind.

Almost every day people approach me as a Life Coach to help them work on specific goals. Yet as we begin to talk about the goals they want to achieve, the steps they are taking, the steps they want to take, etc. there lack of movement towards their goals generally grinds to a halt because of their thoughts. Fear, self-doubt, lack of confidence, self-defeating thoughts, are just a few of the issues that quickly come to the surface as the key struggle that is holding them back from achieving their goals and the life they desire.

Here are a few of the tips and tools that I use personally as well as work with my clients on implementing in their lives as well.

~Become aware of the thoughts you are having. Write them down or even say them aloud. The power in this is that once these items are stated objectively it's clear they are untrue.
~Take the thought captive. Throw out the thought that isn't serving your success and replace it with one that does serve you. For example: Thinking "They don't need what I have to offer so why make contact" to thinking "What I offer is of value and to serve others I must reach out".
~Feed your mind with what is true, what is positive, what is right. You can do this through books, tapes, music, the people you choose to listen to or associate with
~Identify the area of life that the negative thoughts shows up for you the most. Whether it's in relationships, career, health, or others. Then begin educate yourself with successful means, methods and thoughts of how to win in that area.
~Reprogram your thoughts. Now that you are aware of the negative thought, you have taken the thought captive, now it's time to replace the negative thought with a positive truth.

And like winning any game, your inner game gets stronger with practice, practice, practice.


Nancy Sustersic said...

Thank you Karen for the tool to re-think our way of winning at the "Game of Life".

Today you helped me get a new line on my thoughts about weight!

Eating healthy is our way of thanking God for the wonderful gift of life he's blessed us with!

Smaller is better in portions and waist size!
Nancy, the CEO of FUN!