Monday, December 7, 2009

Focus - Your Eye Glasses for Life

I've been very fortunate thus far in life to not require eye glasses for reading or for distance. But the time has come that glasses are required for reading. Although I can see to read without glasses, my vision becomes crystal clear with glasses. Glasses help me achieve my goal of reading faster and more easily.

The equivalent of glasses for your Life vision is Focus. Accomplishing a goal without focus is like trying to read without glasses - everything seems a little blurry, your progress is slowed, stalled out or you have given up or decide to do something else. The video clip below gives some great tips on Focus and the difference it makes in your progressing and achieving your goals.

Is your vision for 2010 a little fuzzy? Contact me for a complimentary 1/2 coaching session and increase your focus and move from clear to crystal clear.

Karen Zeigler
Speaker & Life Coach
Inspiration to Change Coaching


VerveEnergyLady said...

Wow Karen, that was the BEST GIFT you could give us! Thank you, I give it a THUMBS UP!