Friday, June 11, 2010

How To Remove Your Phone Number From Google

Most people do not realize you can search Google for publicly listed phone numbers and addresses. After entering a phone number, Google search results will return the name, number, street address, city, state and zip code along with a link to map directly to the street location of the searched number.
To remove your number from Google's phone book:

1. Check to see if your number is listed, by searching Google with your phone number.

2. If your number is not listed, the search will return with "Your search did not match any documents."

3. To remove your listing, click on the link that starts with "Phonebook results for…." (above your name) which will bring you to Google's Phone Book site.

4. Click on the bottom link labeled "Request to have your name removed from the list."

5. Fill out the form and submit (removing your phonebook listing will not remove your personal information from other pages on the web or from other reverse phone listing lookup services).

Marsha Marsiglio