Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Twitter in Five Minutes or Less

We've talked about Twitter, the advantages and disadvantages. You've learned the lingo, what works and what doesn't and you notice everyone is talking about Twitter. In fact, there are even commercials using this concept to explain the ease of sending "tweets" through cell phone media package systems that allow online browsing. Many phones now have Twitter applications.

We know access to Twitter is increasing, but how do you organize it all? I've tried several other platforms such as TweetDeck, ... I notice my Twitter friends use the following sources:

HootSuite :
and more...

Here is my secret weapon... HootSuite.

Why do I like HootSuite?

Here are some reasons:
1. Ease of seeing everything on one screen.
2. The ability to bring in all of my other sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and even my fan pages on FaceBook.
3. The joy of creating posts to be sent out at a later date or time. (Set the auto feature to notify you when the message goes out).
4. The ability to see who is mentioning me.
5. The ability to directly answer someone right in the software
6. Track those who respond back easily

Here is a screen shot of my hoot suite page:

When I am ready to send out a message, I type it in the box, click the send it now and off it goes. There are even tabs to track my facebook and LinkedIn messages as well.

Try this handy tool and see how it works for you!