Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tips for Designing a Business Website for Women Viewers

If you are targeting your marketing efforts to capture women viewers, common sense will dictate that you need to design your site for the female shopper. You may think you're not targeting women but, don't forget, women are often the decision makers in the home and may be the actual family members deciding on whether or not to buy from your company. According to a great website that teaches how to market to women: "women make 83% of all consumer purchases in the U.S." That's a powerful statement, folks!

One way websites become popular is through word-of-mouth referrals or testimonials from others, either in person or online. Here is a great blog post from author Holly Buchanan that describes the differences between how men and women perceive word-of-mouth testimonials. The bottom line is that women focus on relationships and men focus on the authority or credibility of the person giving the testimonial. To benefit from this information in designing your website, make sure you include a video testimonial of a woman that is full of anecdotal stories about why she likes your company.

Another fabulous web site article about marketing to women versus men points out how a woman's brain is hard-wired to notice detail and, more importantly, to CARE about the details. In addition, women anticipate the needs of others and truly appreciate it when someone else anticipates their needs. How does that help you when designing your website? Consider using the right details in the right place with little effort on your site. In other words, don't use a lot of clutter and useless information that doesn't pertain to the product or service you are selling. Make it obvious where your viewers need to go to get the information they need from your website. Women are multitaskers so they may be surfing the web while making important phone calls. The simpler your site is to navigate, the more apt they are to visit it often and tell others about your site. Bottom line, keep it simple, clear & concise and anticipate the needs of your viewer.

Happy Surfing!

Dr. Sandi Eveleth
"The Digi Doc"


FeliceGerwitz: Author, Speaker, Consultant said...

This is an excellent article and I really liked the resources you included. I took a quick peak and will go back and take a look in the near future. Thanks!

Dr. Sandi Eveleth, Website Designer said...

Thanks, Felice. Yes, the 2 resources are DEFINITELY worth bookmarking!