Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Divide Your Plate!

Everything is getting bigger, especially Americans. What a world we live in, where everything unhealthy is fast and easy and if we want to make the right choices, we have to put a lot of effort in to it!

I've come across a simple tip. Do you remember the divided dinner plates? The bigger section was for the meat and the two smaller sections were for the starchy vegetable and the other for the other vegetables. A simple tip would be to just turn that plate upside down in your mind. Fill the largest portion of the plate with low glycemic, healthy vegetables like your green salad or spinach. The two smaller compartments would be for the meat and the starch.

Using this eating method would be a great help to getting the 5-9 servings of vegetables a day. I read that the average American eats only two servings of vegetables a day, and sad to say, one of those options is usually french-fries. My kids THINK they love french fries, let me tell you, cut up some potatoes, bake them in the oven without the added salt and see how much they love them. I tell my family they don't love french-fries, they love the chemicals, the additives and the food colorings. I do buy organic fries at the health food store and they tell me how dry they are...go figure, they aren't full of the modified food starch to make them moist. Same with bacon, if you have ever raised pigs for food as I have. Bacon is just strips of fried fat, if you don't add the chemical additives like sodium nitrate, trust me, it tastes just like what it is, FAT. Same with ham, have you ever had a pork-tenderloin or a fresh ham roast? It tastes like a plain pork-chop, now you add the sugar and the chemicals and the sodium-nitrate and you get that sweet/salty flavor that people love and they call it ham. Maybe it is time to retrain our taste buds for simple nutritious food.

So, whether you are a work-at-home mom, training women in business, or are out with women's networking groups this week. I hope you'll picture your plate, divide it up and eat your veggies!