Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Do You Start Out With Good Intentions?

Hi to the best women's networking group in SW Florida!

Last time we spoke about how to eat right while traveling. How does that work? Do we start out with the best of intentions and then totally fall off the wagon once the vacation starts? What then? Give up and figure we just don't have enough willpower?
No! Keep on trying! Buy a book about nutrition and start educating yourself about the ins and outs of proper nutrition. I have one I highly recommend that is comprehensive, you can contact me for details.

Good nutrition really is more about giving our bodies the proper fuel so it can do all its mysterious processes that we hardly give a thought to until something goes wrong. Did you know that if you don't eat enough protein during the day, your body will "steal" it from your muscles at night to feed your body? Or if you don't get the proper calcium your body will take it out of your bones and teeth to get what it needs? Do we drink enough water so our kidneys can get rid of waste or do we want it riding around inside of us? Yuk! No wonder people are tired, worn-out and stressed! Give your body what it needs so you can have the energy to go out and build a huge business!

Good intentions will only take you so far. Educating yourself will help you have the motivation to do the actions required to nourish your body. Take a few hours each week to make that list, go to the store, prepare a few good meals and freeze them so that on those busy week-nights, there is something healthy in the house to eat. Hire a friend who loves to cook to prepare and freeze a few meals for you. If nothing else, contact me for some healthy meal-replacements, at least you can get some good nutrition while you are on the run!

While we are out training women in business, or at our women's networking group, let's all be determined to be the 'healthiest' group in all of SWFL women's networking!

Lynda Waldron, Health Coach
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