Monday, November 30, 2009

Brain Freeze

Have ever attempted to slurp down any Icy or Popsicle too quickly on a summer's day? If the answer is yes then you'll remember what happens next - Brain Freeze!! It's funny to everyone watching but for the person caught in the brain freeze it's pretty debilitating. Everything stops until the brain freeze passes. Unfortunately adults can experience a different brain freeze of sorts every day. One that stops progress in its track and sometimes stalls it permanently.

The adult version of a brain freeze occurs when we use the word "try" in our vocabulary when referring to goals, actions, or tasks we would like to accomplish. In speaking engagements I've explained this principle by a little exercise. Let's do that now. Pick an object sitting in front of you (a cup, pen, etc.)

1. Pick up the object. Ok, now put it down.
2. "Try" to pick up the object. What happened?

Almost without exception people participating in this exercise are stumped with what to do in step #2. Our brains do not know what to do with "try". We can do a task or Not do a task but we are stumped when we "try".

So whether doing a task like sales calls will help you achieve your goal or Not doing task like aimlessly surfing the net remember eliminating the word "try" will unlock the brain and get your brain back on track towards your goals.


VerveEnergyLady said...

I picture a big FLY Swatter, and when I start to think "try" this big "TRY SWATTER" comes out and eliminates it. On to the DOING!

Thanks Karen...for the Empowered Coaching!