Wednesday, December 2, 2009

ABC's of Blog Feeds and Submissions

Blog Post Feeds
by Felice Gerwitz 

We will build it and they will come is truly the stuff of movies. You can build it but they won't come unless your blog is syndicated. What is syndication? It is an air-wave or channel that your blog runs on so that others can find it, or "stumble-upon" it. Having a blog go "live" that is on a feed of its own is normally taken care of through your blog platform, whether it is blogger, wordpress or your own website blog. Yet, having an RSS feed and letting other directories know about your blog is a good idea and can increase your readership.

Blog Directories or Search Engines

One way to list your blog is to do a search of the top blog directories and submit your blog. Here are a few that I have used:

Blog Catalog
Stumble Upon It
Search Engine Directories Yahoo/ Google
My Blog Log

Blog RSS  Feed Submission

RSS Network

Of course visiting other blogs, and posting a comment is a good way to get interaction. I have recently tried, using marketing strategy to use social networks to get the word out. This is a very good way, as well. Do you find one directory especially helpful? Have you noticed a jump in your visits after submitting your RSS feed? If so, share the link, or result information with us.