Friday, January 1, 2010

Face-to-Face Networking vs. Online Networking

In my line of work, I get a lot of inquiries about social media and online marketing. With sites like Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn, it's no secret that the internet is here to stay and it can be a cost-effective way of networking online.

But, I'm here today to talk to you about offline marketing. I mean good old-fashioned one-one-one personal meetings and networking with people, peers, and like-minded professionals.

As a web professional, the majority of my contact with clients is remote using the internet and phone. But until I joined Empowered Networking, I did not realize how important face-to-face interaction could be for my business - and for my personal growth.

Empowered Networking gives me support from other professional women that I didn't know I needed. It gives me an avenue to try out new business ideas, discuss topics for this blog and decide what products and services my target market needs.

Many members have helped in refining my 30-second pitch, my USP (unique selling proposition), and my website services and products. Having such a strong support group is a wonderful side-effect of being a member that I didn't realize I was missing. They have pushed me beyond my comfort zones and have made me more confident in my business and in my life.

I may have come to Empowered Networking looking for new business, but I've found so much more. What about you? How hs Empowered Networking help you in your business goals and personal development? Please share your experiences here with us!

Here’s to Your Online (and Offline) Success!

Betty Walker, the Wise Web Lady
Cape Coral, FL Empowered Networking Chapter