Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Facebook Page: Making an Impact

Make a Big Splash and Get Noticed on Facebook

Living in Southwest Florida, the community life tends to be easy going. We have beautiful beaches, breathtaking sunsets, and lots of sun! I've found the work ethic as well as the business atmosphere tends to reflect this easy-going life style. While I am the first to enjoy this, I know I can't afford for this to describe my marketing techniques. So, how do you make an impact if you are using social media, such as FaceBook? It is easier than you think.

What do People Want to Read?

Remember, you want to give value. Give you group something they want to read. My facebook group is made up of family, personal friend and business friends. You can send only to a specific group or your entire list. Many people say not to mix business with pleasure, and while that is true to an extent it helps that people know, you are human. The 80-20 rule works for me. 80% is business related and 20 is more relaxed.

Videos Make an Impact.

I check my social media sites, all of them within my allotted 15-20 minutes a day.  This means I need plan.  A nice change is to use youtube videos to make an impact. There are videos on just about every topic or idea. You can search for your chosen profession and you are sure to find many videos that fit the bill. Make sure you don't overdo this feature. As with anything use it, rotate it, and don't belabor the issue.

Third-Party Facebook Applicaitons:

Another way to make an impact is to use the various applications, many of them from third-party vendors on Facebook. Not to get technical, but a third part vendor is an individual or company that created an application approved by Facebook to use on the site. Just a warning some third-party applications are data miners, that is they take your information from your site. So, if you are concerned about your personal information, make sure to set your privacy settings strict to friends only.

Are People Responding to Your Posts?

I know that Facebook works well. In fact, I have found that when looking at my home page on Facebook my ministry page is often the first one at the top of the page. One reason is due to response from the Fan Page group, the other is the comments. The more people that comment (with a thumbs up) or post a comment, the higher your post ranks to be shown on all the home pages of those who follow you. Numbers count.

Value Sells

We can all learn from others. Study other Facebook pages and pay close attention to the friends you often respond to. Analyze, "why?" What is it that made you click on their link, picture, or respond to a post. I have a nephew who puts really interesting political comments on his facebook site. I really made a point to read his during the past elections. He has a huge following and he does this for fun (he is in Medical School), and not for business. The idea here is he gives value. When you give value people will pay attention to your posts and ultimately to you and what you have to offer.