Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Social Media: Facebook Fan Pages for Business

Become a Fan!

Facebook has become a household word. Once used mainly by college students to stay connected, the site has grown to millions of users, many of them business people. If you have toyed with the idea of creating, a Facebook Fan page or a Facebook Business Page here is the bottom it only if you have something of value to offer...and choose wisely.

Facebook is constantly changing and updating their website. As of this writing, it is better to create a Facebook Fan page for your business rather than a Business Page or Group Page. Why? Well the main differences are as follows:

•    You can have many more followers than on a home page
•    You can add applications to the page, such as a sign up box to capture emails

•    You can get statistics for your page

•    Once you have more than 1000 fans, you can get a custom url.

•    Fan pages are indexed by the search engines which gets you in front of anyone that may search for your brand or product

•    Fan pages are available to the general public, so people that are not on Facebook can access them.

•    Your fan page will show up in your followers News Feed

•    You can advertise your fan page and place links back to your website or blog
So how do you get fans on your Facebook Fan page? One way is to invite using the list on your facebook home page; another is to build dynamic content causing others to join because of the value you will give them through your posts. For example, if you are in the Real Estate business, you can talk about community activities, great communities to live in and information, such as how to choose the right home for your family needs. In that way, others will want to join your fan page to find out more information and will let others know. You can find possible clients from this page as it is indexed in search engines spreading your reach even further.

If someone becomes a Fan on your Facebook Fan page, it will show up on his or her page as a follower. In that way, their followers will see who you are and if interested, they will follow as well. A fan page also allows you to advertise on facebook. An icon will crop up that will prompt you in this manner if you care to join the growing number of advertisers. Let your fans know about upcoming sales, promotions and so much more. You can also dialogue with your fans, post notes and keep in touch. Relationships in business are invaluable!

Questions? Let me know how I can help you to jump-start your fan page.