Thursday, January 7, 2010

How to Bypass Annoying Cell Phone Voice Mail Messages

Would you like to bypass someone’s voice mail message when calling their cell phone? You do have to know what carrier they are using (which is not always that easy) If you know their carrier, here are the keystrokes to use as soon as you hear their message:

* for Verizon

1 for Sprint

# for AT&T

# for T-Mobile

If you don’t know their carrier, follow this method to find out what carrier they are using:

STEP ONE. Press 1. If it’s Sprint, you get the beep, and you’re done. If you hear an error recording, go on:

STEP TWO. Press *. If it’s Verizon, you get the beep. If not:

STEP THREE: Push #. You get the beep for T-Mobile or ATT.

You have to pause after each one, and you have to keep listening. But it’s one small way to fight back. Remember: One Star Pound.


Marsha Marsiglio
The Software Coach