Thursday, February 4, 2010

FaceBook: Busy Business Women's List

by Felice Gerwitz

I have a love-hate relationship with To-Do lists. I like them because I can easily and quickly see what needs to be completed each day. I hate them because I am reminded of all the things I have not accomplished each day. So, in the spirit of liking and hating, I'm creating a To-Do list for your FaceBook page. See which of these things you have already done, and place the others on your list for sometime in the near future.

FaceBook for Women:

  1. Professional Picture: preferably with make-up, collared shirt and photo-shop touch up
  2. Lock Down: all settings are private to friends or friends of friends only with invitations enabled.
  3. Organize Friends: Make groups for business, friends, families
  4. Profile totally filled out: all information that you want the world to know or at least 400 of your closest friends (and their friends) completed
  5. Search: For target clients, co-workers, and possible new customers
  6. Check Friends Status: Try to post something personal on different clients walls to stay in touch
  7. Post Value Info: at least weekly, daily is personal 20% of the time
  8. Connect FaceBook feed and Twitter: if your content is relevant and value driven this is important, make sure to still add new posts to Twitter
  9. Add your FaceBook URL to your email address
  10. Set your feeds: make sure your receive only the info into your email that is important
  11. Join Groups: related to business 
  12. Check FaceBook daily, but not too often!
  13. Read FaceBook Rules: Beware, contests should be approved first via FaceBook
  14. Share: Useful articles, your blog, stats related to business or target market
  15. Engage follower: Ask Questions 
  16. Post Pictures: Relevant to business
  17. Blast News: Events, Promotions, Free Product
  18. Join or accept "gifts" sparingly: These pull info from your FaceBook page, they are third party applications and not all are friendly. A warning box pops-up to advise you of the "threat"
  19. Look at Apps: Facebook is constantly adding more applications for business, great blog with more info:
  20. Add video: at least one time a month, fun to do and keeps the contacts guessing

That's it for today. If you can check all these off your list, great! Let me know what's on your FaceBook To-Do list, and I'll quickly add it to mine!


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