Saturday, February 6, 2010

How to Build Rewarding Business Networking Connections

Joining a membership site...What's it all about? I'm sure most individuals realize that the main purpose of a private business network is to build strong relationships that you can rely on for mentoring, referrals, advice, brainstorming, and even future partnerships.

For some, who dive right in, a private networking group such as Empowered Network, becomes an instant source of promising connections with a wealth of possibilities. On the other hand, other members may feel disconnected and out of the loop. How is the problem solved?

Simply put, give, give, and give some more. If you feel that you are not "getting" your fair share of referrals and connections. GIVE!

It's the principle of the universe. Depending on your theology and belief system, you may word it differently, but the basic concept remains the same. One may call it Karma while another simply says, "What goes around comes around." Call it what you will, it works.

If you want to squeeze every single bit of business networking power out of Empowered Network, start focusing on what you have to offer the other members:

Can you provide business mentorship to someone who is just starting out? If you are comfortable with public speaking, you could even hold a few business mentoring workshops. The sky is the limit once you begin to think of the success of the entire networking group, instead of just the success of your own business. The more you reach out to empower the other members, the more you will find that your own needs are being met. By reaching out, you are not only making connections, you are also building a powerful reputation and branding yourself. You are actually marketing yourself in a very tangible and lasting way.

Anyone can put some business cards and flyers together, and those are important tools, but not very memorable. When you make a real effort to invest in the success of those around you, that's when your recognition will grow. Others will give you referrals out of habit, because they truly believe in you. Do you see how great things can happen when we operate as a team?

Finally, Empowered Network involves relationship marketing. It is up to you to step up to the plate and make yourself available to the other members. Some ideas that will lead to new connections include:

-Get Out of your comfort zone. Sit with a new group of members at the next
meeting or event.
-Be genuine. Building relationships takes time and effort. Put your time in and
you will succeed.
-Be approachable. If you present yourself as friendly and easy to approach, you
will walk away from each meeting with new contacts to pursue. Send a follow
up email or make a phone call to your new connections. Ask questions, offer
support. A positive, friendly attitude goes a long way.

These are all small networking steps that you can use with Empowered Network or any group you are a part of, that really do not take much of your time, but can have a huge impact on your networking success. Remember, we all need each other. Let's work together and make it happen!


Taresa A Spiroff said...

great information and advise!

Dawn Billings said...

This blog reminds us of the ultimate goal. The reason we network is to build our business, but business is built through relationships. Trust is imperative when building relationships. But I realize in my 56th year that deep and meaningful relationships are the success. The money flows in and out, but what lasts forever is the love, respect and connection with special people in your life.
Here's to "relationship" networking which is at the heart of organizations like Empowered Networking and The Heart Link Network Women's Networking. As women in a crazy world, we are truly blessed to have one another to depend and rely upon.
Dawn Billings,
CEO and Founder of The Heart Link Network and providing free inspirational videos to uplift the hearts of those you love.