Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FaceBook: Run a Sale!

If done correctly you can drive traffic to you blog, your sales page or your catalog via Facebook. So how do you do this without causing waves, creating enemies, or having people minimize your posts because they tire of hearing day after day what you are doing?

First, by creating a business fan page where your information will post. Those who opt in (a) really like you or (b) care about your business ... in this way you can alert them to events going on as well as ways to save a bundle. On your fan page you can create an event and time this to coincide with your sale. As the event draws near you can raffle off items or perhaps give other creative incentives.

We all like a bargain, whether it is only perceived or not! Be careful not to ask your fans or friends to post comments within the body of your facebook fan page in answer to a question or a give-away. Unfortunately for small business owners, the big-boys have already done this and caused Facebook to create parameters where this is not allowed. Before doing any type of contest check Facebooks rules.

But there are ways you can create buzz. One is by creating a link for your customers to click and arrive at your website where they can fill in a form or post a response to your blog by way of contest. This alternative is better because now you have customers who will come to your blog and hopefully find it so value filled they will stay and read others posts.

I created a "free" book contest each month for those who posted on my blog. I was able to increase my readership as well as sell more books. Each month I randomly chose one person to win. I will post this service in the comment section of this blog as I do not have the information right now! I carried on the contest for several weeks because it was good publicity, with a minimal cost.  

Do you have any contests that have worked? Share your results with us!