Friday, February 26, 2010

Leading by Example-TEAM Spirit!

Achieving business success lies within finding personal success, first.  When a woman takes time to become the best version of herself that she can be, she will havce no problem succeeding in anything she does - including her business networking group.  To build this success, we as women must put aside our differences, and be willing to work together if we want to prosper.  Instead of focusing on our own flaws and highlighting the flaws we see in others throughout women's business networking, we need to learn to lead by example, and mentor the others who are not following our example to show them what we want, need, and expect from them.

Leading by Example in a Business Networking Group
When there is a problem with another group member or business associate, the best thing to do is lead them.  Rather than giving into the gossip and other things that may surface as a result of the negative or unwanted behavior, it is best to mentor these people, to show them the proper way to operate.  As people, we tend to learn by what we see, rather than what others tell us to do.  Growing up, parents who smoked cigarettes would tell their children not to do it because it's unhealthy.  Many of these children, despite being told that smoking is unhealthy and a habit they should never pick up, pick it up anyway.  If people dont want to see a certain kind of behavior or action, they shouldn't exude or partake in it.  If people want to see a certain kind of behavior or action, they should demonstrate this behavior or action to those around them.

Mentoring Others in (Women's) Business Networking

Women in business networking should reach out to one another.  Everyone needs to approach all the others they come in contact with, gracefully.  When someone new joins the group, welcome them with open arms and invite them to share with the group what they do, what they consider to be strengths, and what they consider to be weaknesses.  This way, all the others in the group can see what they share in common with the new members and where they can fit together.  The point of business networking is to make connections.  Where one woman is week, another woman is strong, and together they can bond and help each other succeed.  By making people feel welcome and appreciated for their contributions, a true team spirit can be fostered.

Success as a team starts with the success of the individual, but for an individual to be a successful member of the team, she must be accepted and appreciated.  With the support of a team full of women, a business networking group will be full of success.  It is when the members of the group are not united as a team, that the group will not be able to be as successful.  Reach out to members who are not united and mentor them to keep fostering the team spirit to climb up the success ladder!