Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Daily Struggle

Hello to the best women's networking group in SWFL! How many times have you been on 'Day One'? You know the day, the day when, from here on out, you will eat only low-fat healthy options, you will exercise, and will gain control of your life?

If truth be told, I think we all find ourselves on 'Day One' more than we care to admit. What happens to our resolve to be healthy? There are many things, whether it is living in a household where there are hordes of junk food within easy access when we are stressed, tired or hormonal.

Or maybe our sweet husband has cooked us dinner and it is so rich and full of everything we shouldn't eat. Then it is on to a social function at our place of worship, and we know those church ladies can cook! Next thing you know you are going to your Mom's house for dinner and she has made all your favorites, then the following morning you are at your women's business network meeting and you know the doughnuts will be there!

Wow, you're back to 'Day One' again! What should you do, give up? Should you accept a life of feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, put up with clothes that are tight and ill-fitting?

No, get right back on 'Day One'! There is no shame to being on that day, it is just a reminder to make better choices and if you can't make them every single time, at least there is an awareness of where you want to go. One tip from me, you have to make the people in your life aware of your quest for good health. Trust me, they will try and accommodate you. I have a friend who always serves a plain vegetable at dinner and has fresh fruit for desert so she knows I'll have something to choose from.

So during this coming week while you are out at our women's business networking groups, have a plan in place, try and make good choices and if all else fails, tomorrow can be "Day One'! Hopefully one day you will find yourself on 'Day 15' before you have to hit 'Day One' again.