Monday, March 22, 2010

Putting your Best Face On

Calling all women in business or out there looking for their next career!! I'm am sure you have heard that the first impression means so much in the first 5-10 seconds; the person you are meeting makes of you? Do you know that women that go on a interview without any make-up on will less likely receive a second interview? Image is everything, if you haven't received a compliment on your hair, make-up, shoes, jewelry or a outfit lately perhaps you should step back and consider making a change for yourself.

In business I have seen women change in little as a few weeks when the make a minor change. They stand taller, walk and or talk with confidence. Mentoring and educating women to this change is fun because you get to see them grow personally.

Next time you look in the mirror ask yourself have you received a compliment lately?

I enjoy Enriching Women's Lives one Woman at a time.