Monday, April 19, 2010

SHORE things

Grabbed you in and guess what Skin CARE protection is needed daily and often throughout the day. Once reserved for Hawaiian vacations and poolside parties, the daily application of sun care products should now be a part of every family's routine. With sun damage leading the way to premature aging we must apply sunscreen daily. You are exposed to the sun each day and more then you probably think about. You are at risk even through your car windows or even the sun roof.

Purchase a sunscreen with both UVA/UVB protections. The best products are light weight, oil free and absorbs quickly into your skin. By applying sunscreen you are protecting your skin from harmful rays of the sun to help prevent sunburn, skin damage and freckling and uneven coloration. Apply at least 15 minutes prior to sun exposure. Reapply every one to three hours

Don't forget to protect your lips as well. Purchase a protection that is lightweight, water resistant and moisturizes with a SPF of 15.

Rehydrate your skin with a after-sun replenishing gel with soothing botanical extracts.

What products are you using and how old are they? Sun care products or anything with a SPF the shelf life is good for about 1 year, afterwards they are no longer effective.

While you are socializing on the beach, networking with friends, talking about women in business or just busy Mommies meeting up share your learnings.

Tammy Miloro
Mary Kay Cosmetics