Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meal Replacements?

Hi to the best women's networking group in Southwest Florida!
Whew! It has been a long week or so. When I first heard of Take Shape For Life and the fact that the program offers portion-controlled meal replacements, I wasn't sure how I felt about using them. Don't people need to eat real food? Well, I got my answer recently when my mom has been hospitalized for the past twelve days.
I'm at the hospital and walk down to the cafeteria to get lunch and the only two entrees that day were fried fish and chicken fried steak. Really, at a hospital? I'm thinking they are drumming up business for the future with all that fried food! Thankfully there was a salad bar that I utilized several times because to tell you the truth I haven't been grocery shopping since the hospitalization.
I always stuck a few of the portion-controlled meal replacements in my purse, so when the vending machine down the hall was whispering to me in the middle of the night, I could have a Caramel Nut bar out of my purse or find some hot water and have a hot cocoa, which by the way, is a complete meal replacement.
I heard an interesting thought the other day. Gastric Bypass surgery is "forced portion-control"...well, I have my portion-controlled meal replacements and no one has to "force" me to enjoy them!
So, hopefully you'll be out this week, training women in business, or even if you work from home, I hope you take the time to think about your food choices and if you need any meal replacements, give me a call!
Lynda Waldron, Health Coach


Sandi Eveleth said...

Besides being ridiculously easy, these meal replacements are delicious! I've had friends and fiamily who aren't even on the plan 'borrow' from my stash of caramel nut bars just because they love the flavor so much! And for someone like me who is either on the go or getting lost in work, what a great time saver. Thanks, Lynda, for introducing me to this wonderful plan. I'm on my way to losing weight & gaining control of poor eating habits!