Friday, August 13, 2010

What should your e-mail signature look like?

Every single email you send should have a signature.

  1. It should be plain text, no pictures, no logos. Why? More than half the corporate world uses BlackBerrys to communicate. Overly ornate signatures will produce highly unexpected, and possibly unreadable, results on a BlackBerry. Many spam filters may kick your email into the corporate trash if there is a logo or picture in the signature.
  2. What should you include in your email signature?
  3. Personal signature: your name, email and the phone number(s) that are most relevant to your average recipients.
  4. Business signature: All of your contact data. Name, title, company, office address, your email, your phone numbers and the company website. It should be all text and neatly stacked flush left. (no more than 6 lines)
  5. It is completely OK to leave the line, “Sent from my blackberry” or “Sent from my iPhone” at the bottom of a mobile email. It lets the recipient know that you are answering their email from your mobile device and that may get you a pass on some small typos and spelling errors.

Marsha Marsiglio



Taresa Spiroff said...

great tips. thanks!

Robby & Jo said...

The timing for your post couldn't have been more perfect. I was actually in the middle of creating my signature when I saw your message! My only questions would be - is it a good idea to paste a copy of your biz card in the signature block and if yes, how would you do that?