Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Which Social Media Site Do You Like the Best?

I was at a networking workshop recently when I was approached by a savvy web programmer who asked if I'd consent to an interview. "Me?" I tried using every excuse in the book, especially since I didn't feel well prepared. She wouldn't take no for an answer . . . so I decided to share some of my secrets of using social media, some I've already shared with you in this blog.

Here is the interview and following are a few new updates for two of the platforms we've talked about on this blog, Facebook and Twitter.

To "Fan" or to "Like"?

Since I've written this blog there have been changes in Facebook. For one, if you own a Facebook "Fan" Page you will notice the changes immediately. Instead of having friends "fan" you, they now click a button that says they "like" you. This subtle change was to answer the opposition some people had to the concept of asking people to be their "fans".  This particular issue didn't bothered me. When I chose to "fan" a particular website, I realized the person was asking if I supported their endeavor, more so than being a fan in the true sense of the word. So, if you see a website you "like" go ahead and click the button.

Twitter: Job Search?

You can use Twitter as a search engine. You can search for word tags or specific people. Remember to use the hastag # or the at sign @ when you do this. You can also search for job posts with this handy tool: 

In the event that someone posts a job you will be notified via your twitter account. To use this tool, set up your account, choose your key words and you are all set. When a job recruiter lists a job that matches your key words, you will know.

When it comes to social media we are always learning, and there is no time like today!


Dr. Sandi Eveleth said...

Excellent Interview, you two. Can't wait to help you out on being THAT virtual social media consultant for you, Felice! Keep up the great blogs and see you soon.