Tuesday, April 27, 2010


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Will changing the physical state of our bodies change our lives? Will we suddenly have a happy marriage, a large bank account, health and wellness for everyone we love?

What we will have is the energy to deal with all the things life throws at you.
The benefit of physical change is that there will be changes in your mental health. We will be more apt to start demanding the respect we deserve, the confidence to go after what we want in life instead of sitting on the sidelines watching life go by.

When we quit "feeding" every emotion and let ourselves feel, there may be pain and uneasiness because we are going down a different path. Our lives no longer revolve around food, we can live our life, laugh at our mistakes, move on and get out and do things we never thought possible.

Even if only physical changes come about, what do you have? We have given ourselves the prospect of being there now and being around longer to be with the ones we love.

Lynda Waldron, Health Coach


Karen Zeigler, Life Coach said...

Hi Lynda,

Great blog and so true. Often physical transformation leads to life transformation but even if it doesn't you have truly gained so much.


FeliceGerwitz: Author, Speaker, Consultant said...

This is so true, Lynda. Many people eat when emotional. When I'm upset I don't eat! Enjoying your column, keep up the good work.