Thursday, May 13, 2010

5 Ideas for Creating and Marketing Your Videos on Your Website

1. Promote a Product or Service

Instead of doing the usual text explanation of your product(s) and/or service(s) that may take several lines of boring text, why not demonstrate them on video? Just imagine how useful a video would be to make it easy for your website visitors to figure out exactly what it is your company does or sells?

2. Provide Happy Client Testimonials

One of the strongest marketing tools you can use to promote your business is to provide word-of-mouth testimonials. The impact of happy customers describing the wonderful service you provide on your site's home page is definitely worth the small effort to create the video. Using a simple FlipTM Video or other video camera on a tripod, you can produce a fairly decent video to place on your site. If you are still a bit nervous about producing the video yourself, there are many companies that provide this service at competitive prices locally.

3. Demonstrate How a Product Works

Why not demonstrate how a particular product works, especially if you receive a lot of phone calls to your company about this issue? Your instruction booklet may not be enough. Many people prefer to have something shown to them directly and visually.

4. Introduce Yourself and Your Employees

Make sure you portray yourselves professionally and don't forget to smile when talking! If you are a local company and expect visitors of your web site to visit your company in person, think about how they would want to be treated and carry that over onto your web site video introductions. Is there an employee with a special talent that is relative to your company? Show some of the personality of your employees.

5. Walk Through Your Company

Create a virtual tour of your company, especially if the physical location is an important part of your company's product or service, such as an ice cream parlor or amusement park. Or, if you manufacture special "widgets" and the manufacturing process is part of the charm of the product, why not video a part of that?

Whatever reason or reasons you choose to add video to your web site, make it fun, informative and, above all else, engaging to entice your visitors to want to stay on your site and tell others about it (make it "viral").