Monday, May 10, 2010

Brighten your SKIN

Last week I mentioned we need to improve our skins appearance by some of our daily activities and to improve it was through a wellness plan for the skin. Today I want to mention that a Serum C product gives our collagen a BOOST. Using this product enhances the production of new collagen and helps keep exisiting collagen from breaking down. It gives the skins LOOK of being smoother and BRIGHTER.

After the winter months taking toll on our skin it's recommended to use a facial mask that makes your skin look and feel more radiant, removing that dry and dull skin. Look for products that have been tested together and from the same brand for maximum results.

For the busy working women, the socializing, networking women or those that hold the very important job as a Mommie make sure that take care of your skin and your families.

Tammy Miloro
Mary Kay Cosmetics