Monday, July 26, 2010

Quantity versus Quality

Lets define and compare, Quantity versus Quality!

Quantity- a particular or indefinite amount of anything, that amount, degree, etc., in terms of which another is greater or lesser.

Quality- character with respect to fineness, or grade of excellence, high grade; superiority; excellence.

As a network we really want to step up the dedicated involvement of our members and make every opportunity that we come together worthwhile.  So building a strong group of quality women is critical to the time we spend being beneficial.  Wouldn't you agree?  So let me ask you, does quantity mean quality?

I expect that when you participate in networking whether joining a group like Empowered Network , attending a luncheon, or an after hours business card exchange, that you have a goal in mind when planning to attend.  The goal should be relatively the same for most networking you do.  Connect, Listen, and Follow Up - Right?  But what about the numbers?  Shouldnt there be a goal for the numbers?

I can currently go to an Empowered meeting and expect to connect with almost everyone in the room at some level.  We have on average 20 people attend a regular chapter meeting.  That is a number I am extremely happy with because I can personally give my direct attention, eye to eye connection to everyone there.   That is to me the better way to begin to develop a lasting relationship both socially and professionally.

Empowered Network is not the only resource you have out there to network at.  And I certainly wouldnt claim that it is the best, because everyone's needs are different.  And you really should go with the group that will help you obtain your goals!

If I am looking to enhance my career through exchanging ideas, gaining exposure, developing new opportunities, and having a mentor, then I would become a dedicated member of Empowered Network. 

If I am looking for a room of 50-100 people to exchange my business card with, and feel that the "quality is in the numbers" attending in the room, then joining Empowered Network would not be for me.   I believe all the groups have their pros and cons, its simply up to the individual business professional to decide what needs they need their networking resources to meet for them. 

If you can miraculously work a room of 50 and make a strong connection in your brief encounter that will have the follow up turn into a business meeting with all 50, then I need to learn what "cool aid" you are drinking.  Most events are about an hour or two, and that is alot of people to reach effectively in a short period of time. 

Without a consistent attendance you may not see the same 50 people next time.  So how are you building on your relationship without seeing them on a regular basis? 

So again it takes me back to is quality in numbers?   I am very interested to get your feedback and comments on a positive level!

At Empowered Network, We are asking all members to make a commitment both inside the group and outside of the meetings to focus on the group and the members and helping each other. You would absolutely benefit from these activities but if you cant participate than it's not going to be fair to the others who are making that commitment to partner up with members for mentoring and business support.

I know life takes us in different directions, and what was a good fit at one time in your life may not be one now. (Thank you my friend Taresa Spiroff with Clean Naples and co-leader of our Naples chapter for this great reminder).  So think about what you would like to do moving forward. What was your initial goal for your networking?  Is it working for you?  Is the goal being met?  Did you have a goal?  

Until Next Time,

Joann Frazier, President
Business Marketing & Support