Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Forgive Yourself


Hi to the best networking group in Southwest Florida!

Forgiveness! Wow, such a powerful word! Are there things in life we need to let go of? We are who we are because of past experiences. Whether good or bad, we need to look ahead. For example: Can we help it if we weren't taught to enjoy simple, nourishing food? The good news is: habits are just that, learned behaviors, we can choose to “unlearn” a behavior also.

In order to move forward on your journey to good health, you may find that you need to forgive yourself for the past. This may include forgiving yourself for short-term mistakes, such as eating a bag of chips or skipping a workout. But you may also be faced with the "big picture" - forgiving yourself for the long-term habits that led you to be overweight and unfit in the first place.

What does it mean to forgive? It has been described as "giving up all hope of having had a different past." After all, you can’t turn back the clock to skip the chips, follow through with your workout, or change all the little and big things that brought you to where you are now. Forgiveness allows you to let go of the past and focus on what you can control: the present and the future.

So, the future is today!!! Make the decision to take control of your health and learn healthy habits for a lifetime of good health! So, whether you are out training women in business this week, a work-at-home mom or you own a home-based business, plan your meals for the next week, toss in a few extra servings of veggies where you would habitually eat something not-so-healthy and we'll check in next week and see how we all did! I'm going to go and join that Zumba class right now, who's with me?

Lynda Waldron, Health Coach