Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Inflammation, A Problem?

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a beautiful week out networking for business! Last week I left us all with an assignment to toss in a few extra servings of vegetables in place of something not quite so healthy. How did you do with that? I worked extra hard on it and did manage to have lower carb veggies with dinner instead of so much rice, potatoes or pasta.

I've been reading about inflammation and the role it plays in our health. I always thought inflammation was just like a pulled muscle or something. I had no idea that our arteries can actually get inflamed and that when that happens that is how cholesterol or plaque starts building up. I'm not sure I understand this concept clearly, but as I learn more, I will share it with you!

This is of concern to me because there is a lot of heart-disease in my family. We all seem to battle cholesterol, even me, and I think I eat pretty well. I have noticed that some will go on my program and have dropped 100 points off their cholesterol in just a few weeks and then there are others that the program doesn't seem to help that much. Could the ones possibly be dealing with inflammation? I plan on figuring this out!

Bottom line is: we need to eat a low-sugar diet, with the emphasis on fish, nuts, olive oil and vegetables. How do we do this in real life?

I have discovered lightly grilling vegetables really bring out the flavor without added sauces or butter. For instance tonight I had shrimp on the grill and zucchini and a few cherry tomatoes. All I did was wash the zucchini, slice it lengthwise and I brushed it with a little olive oil and some garlic seasoning and grilled it for a few minutes while the shrimp was cooking. Add a peach sliced in half and brush it with oil and grill for a few minutes and then you have a tasty dessert. Okay if you must, you can have ½ cup of low-sugar ice cream on the peach while it is still warm!

So, for this coming week of business networking, working from home or if you are a stay-at-home mom, I hope you will take a few minutes to educate yourself on health and nutrition so we can all get out and give our best to the world and at the same time still take care of ourselves!

Health and happiness to all!

Lynda Waldron, Health Coach