Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to drive people to your Blog!

Anytime you go into Google and type in a word or phrase in the search box, Google takes note. Google considers that a keyword or keyphrase.

The Adwords Keyword Tool tracks each of those words and phrases. It’s obviously beneficial to use those keywords and phrases that are frequently searched for within your blog. Having great content that meets the needs of the reader is not enough if people are unable to find your blog.

Not only is it necessary to optimize your website for keywords, it is important to optimize your blog as well. Optimizing your blog allows your target audience to locate you with greater ease because of the increase in your search engine ranking.

Your first task is obviously finding out which keywords and phrases you should be optimizing your blog with through the Adwords Keyword Tool.

There are a few beneficial ways to utilize this tool.

Firstly, it can aid in giving you a few good ideas as to what words and phrases would be beneficial to include in your blog. Once you enter a word or phrase into the adword search, you will want to pay close attention to those phrases and words with the least amount of competition.

Secondly, this tool has the ability to analyze your content and report back on the findings. Again, you can wisely choose the words with the most potential to driving your target clients to your blog.

There is no need to cram your blog with nothing but the keywords. Generally speaking if you make certain to include your keywords in your first and last paragraph it will aid in your Google search engine ranking. Additionally it is wise to use your keywords in your title as well.

If you take the time to write the blog, then take the time to search Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool and get your blog noticed.

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