Sunday, April 25, 2010

Make Great SKIN part of your total wellness plan

A customized "beauty" routine should be on the TOP of your wellness program; followed with steps that also benefits your skin. Are you on a wellness program for you skin? An expert in my business, Dr. Beth Lange, a Chief Scienific Officer with Mary Kay Cosmetics says we need to have balance in our life to achieve total wellness.

  1. Skin Care: one of the best ways to improve your LOOK is keeping your skin healthy and glowing is a good line of skin care products that have been tested to work together.

  2. Hydrate and eating right: drinking water hydrates the skin and keeps it supple, helping reduce the fine lines and wrinkles. A well balanced diet of fruits and veggies can benefit your overall health.

  3. Excercise: Regular excercise enhances blood flow giving your skin a healthy glow.

  4. Girlfriend time: Just spending time with friend, get immersed in a excercise class, appreciate what you have daily and eat healthy.

  5. Stress relief: Treat yourself to massage, take time for yourself, even if it's a movie, a pedicure or manicure; dinner with a friend or your spouse

  6. Adequate sleep: Make sure you get enough!

My friends, business women and Mommies that are ON the GO let me know what skin wellness plan you are on. Is it on the quick and easy for your ON the GO lifestyle?

Tammy Miloro