Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Twitter Success Stories Using Short Cuts.

Last week I explained an incident where I was publicly thanked on Twitter for following a lead to a blog and posting a response. So, I decided to conduct a little experiment on how many people actually clicked through on the links using Twitter to come to this blog. By all accounts there were almost 50 clicks.

So, 50 people saw my Twitter message, clicked through and looked at my post on this Empowered Networking Blog. How do I know? My account tracks this for me.

I've explained in an earlier post that is a URL shortening device. It takes a long-long URL address and shortens it so it can have a memorable extension.

For example my writers blog name is: 

Using the extension shortening device it becomes:

The added bonus is the ability to track the number of people who have looked at my blog using this link. It is more than a matter of curiosity. This can be used for marketing purposes. Testing is everything. You can test the colors you use on your website, the changes you make when you phrase sentences and gauge who is stopping by and how that will translate into sales.

Another added bonus of the shortening is a sidebar feature that will allow you to connect your Twitter account and tweet from a web page. The sidebar overlaps any page you are currently surfing and you can tweet the info and it adds your account info so that you can later track the effectiveness of this effort.

Twitter deals with being social, interacting and having your information spread throughout cyberspace. is not the only URL shortener. In fact, HootSuite has one built in to the software.  You can use any of the devices that make your life easier. If you have to spend an undue amount of time going from one device to another in order to spread a message about a great website or article, it is definitely not worth it! These little devices not only make your life easier, then enable you to profit from the comfort of your own home, computer or office space in a way that saves time each day.

If you have any Twitter questions let me know... we'll be moving on to Linked In next time!